Poultry Works provides technical advice and practical support on a range of poultry husbandry and production issues, including:

  • Enterprise feasibility analysis, design and establishment

  • Marketing options and considerations

  • Housing and infrastructure selection, design and procurement

  • Containment, fencing and predator control

  • Hatchery design and management – incubation practice and principles


  • Brooder management

  • Animal welfare

  • Design and implementation of bio-security programmes and standard operating procedures

  • ​Bird health, nutrition and feeding

  • Organic pest and disease management

  • Whole-farm planning

  • Waste management

  • Husbandry review

  • Technical advice

  • Post mortems, including collection of serological and histo-pathological samples for laboratory analysis

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Comprehensive report writing

  • Liaison with government and certifying bodies


  • Liaison with feed suppliers

  • Understanding of record keeping

  • Understanding of current legislative and regulatory requirements

  • V.E.T. training and on-site practical training

  • Trial and research management

  • Presentations at industry functions and conferences

​Poultry Works specialises in a number of specific areas of poultry management and husbandry, which include:

  • Optimising bird health through management of the gastro-intestinal tract, especially the gizzard

  • Free-choice feeding systems

  • Understanding bird behaviour and its impact on commercial outcomes

  • Selection of appropriate genetics for specific environmental conditions

  • Breeder management

  • Management and husbandry of poultry in difficult environments

  • Optimising human health benefits from products by enhancing nutrient profile of eggs and poultry meat

  • Forage area management, including pasture species selection, tree species selection, site preparation, planting, irrigation and managing foraging cycles


  • Holistic and regenerative farming practices​​​