Poultry Works provides technical advice and practical support on a range of poultry husbandry and production issues, including:

  • Enterprise feasibility analysis, design and establishment

  • Marketing options and considerations

  • Housing and infrastructure selection, design and procurement

  • Containment, fencing and predator control

  • Hatchery design and management – incubation practice and principles


  • Brooder management

  • Animal welfare

  • Design and implementation of bio-security programmes and standard operating procedures

  • ​Bird health, nutrition and feeding

  • Organic pest and disease management

  • Whole-farm planning

  • Waste management

  • Husbandry inspections

  • Technical advice

  • Post mortems, including collection of serological and histo-pathological samples for laboratory analysis

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Comprehensive report writing

  • Liaison with government and certifying bodies


  • Liaison with feed suppliers

  • Understanding of record keeping

  • Understanding of current legislative and regulatory requirements

  • V.E.T. training and on-site practical training

  • Trial and research management

  • Presentations at industry functions and conferences

​Poultry Works specialises in a number of specific areas of poultry management and husbandry, which include:

  • Optimising bird health through management of the gastro-intestinal tract, especially the gizzard

  • Free-choice feeding systems

  • Understanding bird behaviour and its impact on commercial outcomes

  • Selection of appropriate genetics for specific environmental conditions

  • Breeder management

  • Management and husbandry of poultry in difficult environments

  • Optimising human health benefits from products by enhancing nutrient profile of eggs and poultry meat

  • Forage area management, including pasture species selection, tree species selection, site preparation, planting, irrigation and managing foraging cycles


  • Holistic and regenerative farming practices​​​

​Fees and Charges:​

Michael always insists on an initial telephone consultation of up to one hour to ensure that the client is ready to progress, and that he is in a position to provide demonstrable and cost effective benefit to their business. This first consultation is free.

From then on the standard 'ad hoc' consultancy fee is $150 per hour for telephone or site visits, or $1200 per day - exclusive of GST and any associated travel or accommodation expenses. Producers may also negotiate a yearly consultation package tailored to their needs which attracts a significant saving compared to the 'ad hoc' rate, and can be paid on a monthly basis.

​When Experience Counts:​

Poultry Works is an independent consultancy that has been engaged by leading conventional, free-range, organic, bio-dynamic and pastured egg and poultry meat producers and organisations, and is happy to assist new-comers to poultry farming.​

Investing in the services of an experienced consultant will help avoid some of the many costly pitfalls and "traps" associated with extensive poultry production.

Michael has been involved in rural Australia all his life and has a personal understanding and empathy with small business owners. His knowledge and practical experience coupled with a dynamic network of industry professionals puts him in a unique position to offer genuine value and results to his clients.​

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