Egg Producer WORKSHOP:

​​​Troubleshooting Free Range Pastured Egg Production​​

An opportunity to network with other producers, ask specific questions of Michael about production issues, and discuss causes and solutions.

Are you experiencing trouble with any of the following ?

* disease and parasites
* feather pecking
* cannibalism
* poor egg production
* egg quality
* planning flock placement
* pullet training - perching and nesting
* lighting
* brooder management
* nutrition
* ration development
* seasonal variations to forage areas
* understanding the terminology "hen housed"
* implementing a farm bio-security plan
* vaccination
* culling and post-mortems
* waste management

Join us for a practical question and answer workshop, directly addressing the issues raised by the participants:

Our first workshop was held in January 2019 at Warwick south east Queensland.

Here's what Ali from Jalbirri Googums QLD had to say:

"The knowledge and information shared about the challenges we face in our industry in this workshop was by far the most beneficial I've attended".

Please contact us if you would like to see this workshop offered in a region near you.